Why Color Matters When Renovating or Making Your Home Ready For Market

DOES COLOR MATTER? WHEN IT COMES TO HOMES IT MAY. Everyone seems to have a favorite color, wouldn’t you agree? Take for instance a sports car; the number one color is red. It is flashy and eye catching. When it comes to homes however, a red home does not have the same impact as it does with a sleek stylish sports car does it?

Red is perhaps one of the least appealing colors when it comes to something as large as a home.

It tends to make the home look smaller, and even a little dingy.

The enclosed porch also makes the house seem forbidding, dark and unattractive.

Not exactly the home you would put first on your list is it?

  When previewing homes it is important to remember that some things like color can be easily changed.  Do not write off a home because you do not like the color.



How about now?

This is the same house “After”

Blue was an excellent choice for this home.  See what a dramatic difference a few gallons of paint can make?  Had you passed on this home the first time, you may have missed a diamond in the rough.  Sometimes seeing it as it could look with a little TLC is worthy of a little thought.

Removing the screens from the porch, and painting the posts white make it much more welcoming and inviting.


Color does impact the way a potential buyer may perceive your home. Choosing the right color can make a big difference and increase the value of your home as well.  When previewing homes, consider making changes which will bring the property to life. These things include exterior paint, landscaping, and contrasting or complimenting trim colors.  All very simple things which have a dramatic impact.