Estate have become more complex. The transfer of your Kissimmee-St.Cloud Florida home, if it is mortgage free is relatively simple.

Transfers prior to death, can be done by a Quit Claim Deed.

Typically this is between family members; or in some cases a divorce. The grantor relinquishes their rights to a specific property and conveys no guarantee of clear title to the receiving party (Grantee).

A Title Search performed by either a Title Company, or Real Estate Attorney would also be recommended, to determine if their are any obstacles which might need to be cleared in the event at some time in the future you decide to sell your Kissimmee or St Cloud property.



In cases where no mortgages exist and the transfer is between family members a Quit Claim Deed will effectively transfer ownership seamlessly.  The cost is approximately $20.00  which is paid to the Clerk of Courts In Osceola County  the courthouse is located in Kissimmee.  A new Deed will be issued.This can also be done by mail.


Important Things toKnow About Your Osceola County Florida Property.

PROPERTY TAXES: In Florida, property taxes are due in November. They reflect the assessed value of the property for the prior year and must be paid in one lump sum for properties without a mortgage.

If you have inherited a house, you would then be responsible for paying the taxes. You may also want to inquire about the Homestead Exemption which offers up to $50,000 off the taxable value of a property IF it is your primary residence.


Homeowners Insurance regulations have changed dramatically over the past several years. Since most policies are written for “Owner-Occupants” the risk of having a policy canceled when a homeowner dies is high. Insurance companies do not like to insure vacant properties. It is important to contact the insurance carrier and discuss which options will best fit your needs and use of the property.  Insurance for renters is available.  Tax records will be checked by the insurance company so it is imperative you are honest when making your application.

FLORIDA UTILITIES: There are two primary Utility Service providers in the Osceola County Florida  Area. They are OUC and Florida Power & Light (FPL) and Kissimmee Utility Authority

NATURAL GAS- is also available in some parts of Central Florida. You will need to contact them as well to transfer billing over.  Don’t forget, the phone company, Internet provider and cable companies.  All of these items have to factor into running costs of the property you inherit.


Something else to consider are necessary repairs the home may need.

Often, when someone has been ill, routine maintenance may have been put on the back burner.  Having a home inspection, could alert you to problems you may not know are there.  It is a proactive way to approach and curtail possible problems. It will also be a benefit should you later decide to sell the home.

To Sell or Not To Sell?

That is a very personal decision. There may be sentimental attachment to the  property. The housing market, is what it is. Home Values in Kissimmee St Cloud Florida vary based on location, condition, age, and recent sales. Unlike Assessed Value which is for tax purposes. Often the two are not the same. 

 Find a reputable agent, you can build a rapport with, one who understands what your objectives are and will help you to achieve those objectives as stress free as possible.  A comprehensive Market Analysis will help to determine your homes current market value. 

If selling is not what you want to do right now, you must decided who will maintain the property. Lawn Care, Repairs, and security issues should all be considerations in this important decision.

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7 Ways To Enhance Your Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Home Value

 Enhancing your Kissimmee St Cloud Home Value can be done easily and inexpensively. The economic downturn has forced many homeowners to put off costly repairs, and even routine maintenance due to lack of disposable income. Often these simple things, are the ones that end up costing you thousands of dollars in terms of sales price; especially in hard hit Florida where housing values tanked and have been very slow to recover.



Enhancing the overall curb appeal of your home, is a signal to potential buyers that your St Cloud Kissimmee home for sale looks  is well cared for.

This begins the moment  Buyers pull up to your curb.

Creating a circle around the base of the tree gives it a much more manicured appearance. Mulch is less than $4.00 a bag and will enhance the homes appearance tremendously.



An old broom and bucket of water with a 2 cups of Bleach will freshen the appearance and remove the discoloration. Using an old broom, makes removing the pollen and mold much easier.

Clean out the rain gutters while you have the ladder out.



It is a tedious job and frankly No ones likes to do it.

Round up can be expensive. A Cup of mildly diluted bleach in a spray bottle will kill off weeds and vines making them easier to remove.

Another tip is trying 1/2 cup of white vinegar mixed with 1/2 cup and salt. That will kill weeds too.



Home Inspection Reports which show faulty light switches can easily turn a potential buyer off, and make them leery there may be other hidden electrical issues. This is an important upgrade to older Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Homes for sale

A light switch cost less than $1.50 and easily be replaced.

Turn off the circuit breaker first!



Wallpaper went out in the 1980’s.

Yet, a surprising number of homes still have it.

Simple soap and water will remove stubborn wall paper.

Soaking the paper makes scrapping it off much easier.

Spray the wallpaper until wet, let sit a minute and scrap it off.



A gallon of paint can be purchased inexpensively, and will freshen up the room.

Check the bargain bin at your local Home Improvement store- you can save up to 75% off the price and may find a color that is perfect and preferably neutral suitable for any  decor.

A fresh coat of paint enhances  your St Cloud Kissimmeee Florida’s  home value, choose a neutral color so that potential buyers can visualize their furniture and belongings on a clean pallet.

Clean walls, carpets, and elimination of odors are fundamental to the proper presentation of your home.



Truth be told, the kitchen counter ends up collecting items you absolutely never use on a regular basis.

Now is a good time to go through your storage spaces and have a garage sale. Time to abandon your unused Fondue set, chocolate fountain you bought several years ago, the electric bun warmer your Mother had, and the crock pot with the broken handle.

Freeing up the available cabinet space, will keep your counter cleaner, and free of clutter which makes even the largest kitchen seem small.

These Seven Cheap and Easy tips can enhance your Kissimmee St Cloud Florida home value by thousands of dollars. Whether you are planning to sell your existing Kissimmee St Cloud Florida home, or not. It does not take a ton of money to improve where you live or how you live. What is does take is a little effort, and knowing what will make the most difference for the least amount of money.

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