Rise in sales Prices of Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Homes

WAITING FOR THE BOTTOM OF THE FLORIDA HOUSING MARKET?  People waiting for the bottom of the Florida housing market to hit, may have procrastinated a little to long.  Sales of existing homes in St Cloud Florida have risen 9.6% from this same period last year in a year over year comparison.  Buyers who purchased homes In St. Cloud Florida  last year, or at the beginning of this year actually saw an immediate benefit-this is a significantly different picture that what we have seen over the last 2-3 years.

Homes for sale in St Cloud Florida can expect to do slightly better when they sell than they would have a year ago.

The rise in prices can be attributed to a reduction of foreclosed homes coming on the market. This “shadow” inventory is being held by lenders, in hopes of an improvement in the economy overall. 

The slow down of the release of foreclosed homes, does not mean lenders are slowing on the estimated 1,000,000 foreclosures which are currently waiting  judicial review.   

 In Florida Short Sale Borrowers who purchased investment properties, for instance, will see little relief as lenders are looking to offset the losses they are taking on investment homes which gone into default. 

Often the seller contribution means bringing cash to the closing table in order to placate the lender and share the loss to some degree. If the home is NOT your primary residence, most programs will not help you. Consult our Short Sale Department for specific concerns. 

Tightening lending requirements, are still slowing the Florida Housing Market down. Despite the  rise in sales price in Kissimmee St Cloud Florida existing home sales; it is taking longer to get the properties sold.   Failed contracts still plaque the Housing Market Recovery in Kissimmee St Cloud which is trying to recover despite the economy.  learn more about the Home Buying Process here

Florida Realtors, like Allison Stewart of St Cloud Homes & Land LLC, have cautioned home sellers, to anticipate delays even when buyers seem well qualified.  Lenders, may ask for addition conditions prior to approving loan applications.  “Communication is extremely important, the key is to respond to the lenders requests as quickly as possible and provide all the documents they need to make a determination” Stewart said.  Long time Realtors with Short Sales Experience, Allison Stewart of St Cloud Homes & Land also made this recommendation “Having worked the short sales process successfully, I have found the best sellers are the ones who are properly prepared and have the all the documents readily at hand when the lender asks for them.  We assist them in by preparing a list in advance at the time we were review their short sale property. This has significantly increased our sales.”

The recent rise in Kissimmee St Cloud Homes Sales can be attributed to the stall in foreclosed homes coming back to the market. It can also be contributed to investors who are flipping  Florida properties at marginal gains. We have seen an increase in home being re-marketed after improvements have been made and yielding a profit of $10,000-50,000 for the new seller.    Looking at the a return on your investment of $10,000 over what you paid plus the cost of improvements still pays more than most stocks or bonds. For a short term turn around, this is popular among investors. 

The other benefit is by repairing  Kissimmee St Cloud Florida homes is the neighborhoods overall receive a direct benefit and the homes prices begin to slowly stabilize.  A Foreclosed home in disrepair can bring down neighborhood property values as much as 5%. Several homes abandoned can result in value declines as much as 15%.  With gains being made, revitalizing distressed properties actually helps the neighboring St Cloud Kissimmee Homes for sale to expedite the local recovery efforts.

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