Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Buying A Rehab Property

By Allison Stewart, Kissimmee/St. Cloud Real Estate Broker, SFR, CDPE

Kissimmee/St Cloud First Time Home Buyers Rehab Purchase Assistance

Homes In Kissimmee/St. Cloud Florida are selling.  Many Kissimme/St Cloud Florida home buyers can save by purchasing a home  in need of repairs and renovations. The Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Neighborhood Stabilization Program and having to go to a First Time Home Buyers Education Class to qualify to buy one of these gems at a “discount”, really right for you? NSP Vendors do a great job in patching , repairing, and replacing things in homes in need of a little TLC.

But is it more economical to fix them yourself? Well, if you are a practical person, the dollar and cents may add up in your favor, especially if you shop around.

There are also some mortgage programs like the FHA 203k loan  that will give you additional money to rehab a property.

What To Consider When Buying a Kissimmee/St Cloud Rehab Property

When buying a Kissimee/St Cloud rehab home the property location, condition, age and after repair value should also be considered. A higher end home will yield a greater return-even if the repairs needed are more extensive. Lower end Kissimmee/St Cloud homes have a maximum value; regardless of how much money you spend, a low end home, may not yield the best return on investment. This an issue that Kissimee/St Cloud home buyers need to weigh carefully.

Rehab purchases and renovations are making a come back in Osceola County for two basic reasons: There is a multitude of housing, which is considered distressed such as short sales, or foreclosures. Often these homes have been neglected, due to limited owner finances.

Unemployment of tradespeople has lead to lessened costs to home owners looking to make improvements.

Those two factors combined, make this an ideal time to consider improving your Kissimmee S. Cloud home if you have the financial ability to do so. Over time, improvements and repairs you make today will help maintain the value of your Kissimmee/St Cloud home over thelong term.

Which Repairs To Your Kissimmee/ St. Cloud Home Have The Highest Return

Often,  it is the simplest repairs and updating the basic systems that will give your the highest return on your money.

1.Painting the exterior
2.Roof Repairs
3.Termite damage Repairs
4.Plumbing Repairs
5 Electrical Issues

These four point inspection items will be of the most benefit both for your term as a Kissimmee/St Cloud Home owner and when it is time to sell the property in the future.

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