We here at St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC Real Estate believe that additional fees do not benefit the customers we work for.

  As a result we have NO hidden charges, added transaction fees, transaaction coordinator fees, legal compliance fees, listing maintance fees, sign installation, or uninstallation fees, or  short sale negotiating fees.

  In fact, we are just simple and straight forward Real Estate Professionals dedicated to proving the best possible service at the least amount of cost to our customers.


 Business models vary widely. Some large Nationwide franchises do  charge additional fees which are passed along buyers and Sellers.  They go by different names such as “Legal Compliance fee” or “Administrative Fee” or “Transaction Fee” but in almost all cases provide no real benefit to consumers.  The fees pay for TV Commercials,  office space, additional staff, utilities, operating expenses, the coffee maker, coffee, bottled water, the copy machine, expensive office furniture,  and a lot of other stuff you do not need or benefit from.  

At  St.Cloud Homes and Land, LLC our emphasis is on Real Estate not addtional fees.  Simplicity, Sales, Service. We List Real Estate, Sell Real Estate and Provide a high calibre of Service to our clients.  There are no up front fees for this service.  We work on a commission bases. All Real Estate Agents do.  Therefore, we are able to offer you the best service, integrated technology, attention to detail, proven marketing system, and excellent sales record because we have  focused on what really works best for you.

“Since 2006 we have sold Millions of dollars in Real Estate” and have never passed a fee for that service onto our clients- Allison Stewart Broker/Owner St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC 


They do however add additional cost.  Depending on the individual franchise, the fee can range from $225.00-$295.00 per transaction.


It is not illegal- but, do consumers really understand what they are contracting for?

In most cases the answer is “No”.

A disclosure is generally provided to the party hiring a brokerage which charges additional fees; outlining the cost of the fee the additional fees and presumably what services are provided.

However, bouncing a denied fee to the other party in the transaction because “someone has to pay for it” without benefit of the disclosure or their consent is not permitted.

It is important to note that NOT all Real Estate Brokerages charge additional fees over and above the commission or compensation.

Read the fine print. Ask questions- and understand exactly what the fee is for.