Non-Distress Sales Are Making a Come-Back in St. Cloud Florida

Non-Distress Sales Are Making A Come-Back in St. Cloud, Florida. You read that right. Non-Distress Sales.  Not short-sales, not foreclosures, regular sales between a real seller and real buyer. The way Real Estate used to be. Buyers by the hand full who are fed-up and frustrated that banks juggle multiple offers and they always seems to end up on the short end of the stick, are revisiting traditional sales.

Short-Sales and Foreclosures are typically discounted seventeen to twenty-five percent (17-25%) off of fair market value. So a traditional sale may cost a little more. But what a traditional sale offers that discount properties do no,t is a shorter response time to offers, and ability to negotiate. 

In a Foreclosure sale, the bank knows  NOTHING about the property they now own. Nothing. 

They have no idea how old the roof is, if it ever had a water leak, or when the carpet was installed. In addition, often those properties have been long neglected due to the harsh economic times and shortage of repairs funds most home owners set aside to keep up with routine maintenance. 

 So a bargain is not always a bargain.  In addition to the defects you can see, there could be many you cannot see.   Having a home inspection performed may be one way to mitigate unexpected problems, but as any contractor knows one problem can often lead to another. It could become a money pit quickly.

In a traditional sale, the home owner has a better overview of repairs, problems, cures and dates work has been performed. There is something called a “Seller’s Disclosure” which in Florida Home Sales, is a handy document covering a variety of topics all pertaining to the homes various systems.  Ask for one.  In the long run, a traditional sale, one that is not a distress sale may be worth a second look. The money you pay up front, may save you much more in repairs later.  St Cloud Homes, LLC