Pricing Your Home Right


Real Estate is Local.  Here at St Cloud Homes & Land, LLC we are Local Real Estate experts who understand  what affects Home Value in todays market.  Determing the correct price to sell YOUR home is the single most important part of what we do at St Cloud Homes & Land, LLC.

Years and years of experience, successful sales, combined with careful analysis of the St Cloud Kissimmee Home Market, market conditions, and inside perspective of lenders give us an advantage in correctly determining the current value and most probable price your home will achieve.

Our Advanced Evaluation certification gives us additional insight which assists us to correctly determine the projected sales price.

Price is Predicated on 5 Basic Things

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Condition
  4. Prior sales of comparable properties
  5. Market Conditions

Arriving at an opinion of value, requires an in depth knowledge of the St Cloud Kissimmee Home market we we have. How the comparables affect your homes value, and what market trends are currently doing.   Out goal is your goal  TO SEE YOUR HOME

  1. For the highest the market will allow
  2. In the shortest period time
  3. With the least amount of inconvenience and stress to you.
  4. There are No Upfront costs to you and no additional fees.
  5. We get paid when you get paid…At Closing.  Our goal is to get you there efficiently.