Preparing Your Home to Sell

  Selling Your St. Cloud Florida Home?

   Deciding to sell your home is an important decision. Once arriving at that decision, preparing your home to sell is the next important step.

   It is hard to be objective when it comes to something you have and in many cases are fond of.  Buyers may see things differently than you do.  Our team of highly trained professionals at St Cloud Home & Land, LLC understand what key things buyers will be looking at when they come to preview your home.

  Working together, we will walk through your home, and note what can be improved which will help you sell your home faster and for the most money possible.

We will make recommendations to you at that time.   We are skilled in knowing how to properly present your home to potential pre-qualified buyers, and will give you free  helpful hints on staging, lighting, cleanliness, odor prevention, and minor repairs which is an added seller benefit of the super service we offer when listing your St. Cloud Home for sale with our team.


The first impression begins from the moment the buyer arrives.  Is your home warm and welcoming?  There are simple and easy things you can do which will make your home  more appealing to buyers. 

A well-staged home maximized space, is bright and inviting, and attractive to potential buyers.  When photographing your home, we will showcase features of your home.  Attention to detail, lighting, and presentation is key to our enhanced listing services.

Since 93% of all buyers begin their search on the Internet- your home is just a click away from a sale when properly presented.


Marketing your St Cloud Kissimmee Home for sale must have long reaching arms. While Real Estate is local, marketing is NOT.

  St.Cloud Homes & Land, LLC has a World Wide presence. People from all around the globe visit our website.  Our integrated technology systems allow us to maximize your homes exposure across the globe.

Our advanced integration system benefits our Home sellers and maximizes the pool of potential buyers who are looking for a home just like yours.

Combined with Internet saturation, a dedicated web page for your home, yes you can Google it, comprehensive and specifically designed promotions individualized to showcase your home and its special features. We tailor our marketing to meet YOUR goal of selling Your for the highest dollar.

We arrange showing appointments, and evaluate offers, negotiate, and expedite the closing process.  We will arrange document preparation, work with Title Companies, arrange Inspections, Provide Disclosures, Follow through with financing commitments, perform the final walk through and attend the closing with you. Every step of the way St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC is on your side.

 Are you ready to get your St Cloud Kissimmee Home Sold?  Contact us 407-616-9904 Our Staff of highly trained Real Estate Professional are ready to help you. 407-616-9904   Let’s get started with a free consultation.