Do I Need to Hire a Realtor?

One of the most commonly asked questions in Real Estate is “Do I need to hire a Realtor?”

 Many people do not know what a Realtor® actually does. They are under the misconception that they sit around in their offices, waiting for people to walk in and write contracts. If only it were really that easy. It is about Agency.  You need representation.  The Seller hires a company like St. cloud Homes & Land, LLC to represent them in the Sale of their St.Cloud Home. 

It our job to properly help them prepare and market their Kissimmee or St. Cloud Home

State Laws are designed to Protect the General Public. Most consumers are unaware how many laws govern a real estate transaction and sadly end up in court over poorly written or breached contracts. This can be very costly both emotionally and financially.

A Real Estate agent must be licensed in the state in which they practice.

In Florida for example, the law requires that a person seeking a real estate license must have a minimum of sixty three hours of school, at an accredited institution, pass a written pre-test, to obtain their certificate before they can take the State test.

In addition, they must pass a background check, be finger printed and cannot have a criminal record to be granted an active real estate license after passing the State required Real Estate Exam.

The testing procedure is strictly regulated. Once completing the examination, the licensee must obtain employment through a Broker in order for their license to be considered “Active”. A Broker holds their license, and is responsible for the actions of the licensee. All funds and compensation must go through the Broker’s Office of record.

Real Estate is complicated. There are numerous forms which must be completed properly to protect both the buyer and the seller. Legal compliance encompasses a wide variety of disclosures which include but are not limited to: Mold affidavits, Radon gas, and other defects which may materially affect the value of a property. Failure to inform a buyer of these potentially harmful defects could result in litigation.

Ignorance Is No Excuse.

A real estate professional is knowledgeable on contract law, can properly complete a contract for sale and purchase as well as an exclusive right of sale agreement. They are familiar with addendum’s, and take continuing education classes to keep up on changes in the law which affect real estate transactions.

Your Realtor must deal honestly and fairly. They and must account for all funds. They must present all facts which materially affect the value of a property, and must present all offers in writing and in a timely manner.


At St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC we are marketing experts. In addition to placing your home on the Multiple Listing Service; and many other Internet sites such as,,, Zillow, and related Real Estate Sites consumers begin their searches on.

Our Realtors  have been trained in the most effective ways to market a property to maximize the potential customer base and to get the property sold in as little time possible with the least amount of inconvenience to the seller as possible.

At St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC we  are trained in various aspects of advertising. Extensively on Internet marketing, flyer creation, website creation,virtual tours, mass marketing, photography, narrative writing, and descriptive writing in order to showcase your property in its best light and focus on what buyers are looking for.

Most importantly, they are skilled negotiators. Many deals are lost when the emotional process of selling a home becomes a bitter dispute over something that can easily be resolved by a professional Realtor®.

So there is lot more to hiring a professional than sticking a sign in the dirt and waiting for a buyer to stumble across it.

There are many phases to closing a transaction, and many hurdles which must be overcome for it to close successfully.

Selling  your Kissimmee or St Cloud Florida  home is stressful. A seller may live in a fish bowl for months on end. Having the home ready to show at a moments notice.

Working with a professional means you have a greater chance of eliminating problems and effecting solutions in a difficult market. It also means appointments will be set, freeing you up to work, and live your life while the home is on the market.

Buyers work with numerous professionals during the home buying process. Realtors® make sure that the buyers coming to view your property are pre-screened, pre-approved, and are walked through the process of purchasing a property from contract to closing.

In addition, we at St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC  work closely and follows up with Title companies performing title searches, home inspections, surveys, and will be with you at the closing.

Safety is another added benefit.

Too often a for sale buy owner falls prey to a stranger knocking on their door. Hiring us as Your St. Cloud or Kissimmee Rea; Estate agents helps to assure that the people coming to view your home have been prescreened, have the financial ability, and the means to bring the deal to the closing table.

What is the Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and a REALTOR®?

A Realtor® is a member of the National Association of Realtors and abides by a strict code of ethics and professional standards. A real estate agent is a licensee.

There is nothing you will own that will cost more than your home.

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