Selling Your Kissimmee Area Home-Insider tips

Selling Your Kissimmee Area Home- Insider tips from a local Real Estate Broker
Is your RealtorĀ® inflating your ego by telling you what you want to hear, or what you need to know? Too often in order to obtain a listing Real Estate Professionals despite what the market analysis reveals, will take an over priced listing to placate a seller. The result is predictable; the house does not sell. This is particularly true in my market, where we see homes for sale in Kissimmee, St Cloud Florida all over the place.

Our current housing market is price driven. There are so many properties for sale in Kissimmee and St Cloud Florida including bank owned, and short sales (where the seller owes more than the house is worth) and foreclosure properties (where the bank now owns the property and must liquidate) that traditional sellers face a real quandary. But, a traditional seller (real person) not a bank, or Loan Mitigation Department does have an advantage.

Banks will hire professionals such as myself to give a Broker’s Price Opinion. This is done by determining the present value, based on location, size, condition and previous recent sales in the neighborhood.

What a home seller thinks their Kissimmee St Cloud Florida home for sale it is worth and what a property will actually sell for are often very different.

In Real Estate the first 90 days, will attract the most interest in a property. The most common question a buyer will ask me is: Allison Stewart, you are a knowledgable RealtorĀ® , “How long has it been on the market?”
The time frame to maximize exposure is critically important.

Pricing your Kissimmee St Cloud Florida home too high against others which are comparable, results in helping your neighbor sell their home. Not exactly what you had planned on right?

So here is the inside Scoop… Search for Kissimmee St Cloud Homes to Compare here

The market changes daily. In declining areas, an over priced home chases the downward market losing prospective buyers each and every day.

Certain price ranges have numerous buyers competing for well priced properties. The lowest priced home will sell fastest. The highest prices ones usually do not.

Hitting the bulls-eye in pricing your Kissimmee St Cloud Fl home will attract numerous buyers, and result in an offer. An offer can result in a sale. Goal Met.

You need a competent Real Estate Professional like myself, who understands the current market conditions, changing times , and can guide you through the process of listing and selling your Kissimmee St Cloud Home quickly.

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