Do I Seel It Myself Or Use A Realtor?

Every potential Kissimmee or St Cloud Florida home seller has to decide: Do I sell it myself or do I use a Realtor? What are the pros and cons of trying to sell a home yourself?

Why Kissimmee St Cloud Home Sellers Want To Sell Themselves? To Save money of course! Buyers share the same goal. Did you know that on average a For Sale By Owner (seller attempting to sell a property without a Realtor) will net 9% less than if they used a professional to assist them.
There is more to selling your home than just sticking a sign in the ground. Most sales today are achieved by combining various forms of marketing. While a homeowner may sell 3-4 homes in their lifetime, Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Real Estate Agents are selling 3-4 monthly even in this market.

The Arguments For Selling Your Own Kissimmee Home or St. Cloud Florida Home

The 3 Top reasons Kissimmee or St. Cloud Florida home owners will try to go it alone are:

  • They want to save money
  • Some have had a previous bad experience
  • They think they can do a better job than a Kissimmee St. Cloud Florida Realtor┬«

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What Are the Benefits of using a Kissimmee St Cloud Realtor?

  • Evaluate and Estimate the Current Market Value of your home
  • Prepare a punch list of repairs which will enhance the value of your home
  • Recommend staging
  • Discuss current market conditions and how they effect your homes value
  • Analysis of recent comparable sales
  • Prepare and Market the property for maximum exposure to buyers
  • Photograph the property professionally
  • Create a custom Virtual tour
  • Implement a multi level market program with proven results
  • Arrange showings
  • Pre-Qualify buyers
  • Negotiate best terms and conditions
  • Write and Review Purchase Agreements
  • Arrange escrow,
  • Work With Title Companies
  • Arrange survey
  • Arrange inspections
  • Clear obstacles to closing
  • Attend final walk through
  • Attend closing

So while there may be 3 good reasons not to use a Kissimmee or St. Cloud Florida Realtor, There are 20 reasons to consider it.

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