Kissimmee - St. Cloud Home SellersThere is a lot of competition for well- priced homes among buyers….

Avoiding a few simple mistakes can streamline the time frame for your to reach your objective, which is selling your Kissimmee St. Cloud home

  • In the shortest amount of time
  • For the most money
  • With the least amount of inconvenience

Five Most Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make

  1. Know Your Competition – Pricing your home competitively will get it sold faster. We understand your home is special to you. We will show you what the homes competing with yours for buyers are averaging, how days on the market affect you, and what the median sales price is and determine what YOUR home is mostly likely to sell for instantly at our first meeting so that you can make an informed decision. Click here for an appointment for you free instant analysis.
  2. Curb Appeal – Your home first impression begins at the curb. A clean, well-manicured lawn, flower beds, and uncluttered walkway signal to buyers your home is well cared for. A fresh coat of paint on the front door, makes it warm and welcoming, and do not forget to keep your mailbox in good working order.
  3. Clutter Kills a Sale – Nothing kills a sale faster than obstacles, overly cluttered homes prohibit buyers from visualizing their furniture in the home space. Keep it simple. Store bulky unused items, and create a visually appealing place which will attract buyers. When you list your home with us we provide FREE staging recommendations.
  4. Cleanliness – A clean home is appealing. Now is the time to so a good cleaning, have a garage sale and look at your home the way a buyer will. Washing the windows will brighten a room’s appearance. A freshly cleaned carpet will make the home look and feel better. Patch and repair small things which make the home look old and used. When you list with St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC we provide a FREE Sellers Checklist.
  5. Smells Stink – The way a home smells will leave an indelible mark on a buyer. Store litter boxes away from living spaces, keep them clean, washing pet bedding, and curtains as well as steam cleaning carpeting will refresh your home. Allergens can trigger a negative response with buyers. You want the home to smell fresh. Do not smoke in your home. Ask us for a Free List of Tips.

*A well-staged home maximized space, is bright and inviting, and attractive to potential buyers.

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