Hurdicales: Overcoming Obstacles and Hurdles to Get You To Closing!

Hurdicales: Are a combination of hurdles and obstacles. Imagine a relay race. Is what I tell Buyers and Sellers looking to buy or sell their Kissimmee St Cloud Florida homes. The first hurdicale is getting the proper loan Pre-Approval from a buyer. Because without that, you have a long gamut of obstacles to closing.

Reluntant Buyers who are unable or unwilling to get a Letter of Pre-Approval make overcoming the other Hurdicales nearly impossible.

This is especially true in the competitive area of Kissimmee St Cloud Florida where I sell homes.

Imagine a relay race.

Hurdicales- The combination of hurdles and obstacles St Cloud Homes & Land, LLC overcomes to get you to closing we get Results!

There are several members to a team. The baton is the Pre-Approval Letter.

We really get get running without one.

So the Loan Officer is the first leg of the realy race.

Once The Buyer passes off the Letter of Pre-Approval we have overcome the first Hurdicale to buying a Home.

That Pre-Approval Letter, is then used to accompanying an Offer the Buyer will make on their Kissimmee St Cloud Florida home for sale we have located for them.

The hand-off to the lender includes the Offer, Signed by the buyer and seller, the Pre-Approval Letter, and a good faith deposit.

The Next Hurdicale is the Lender.

Lenders have tightened considerably the risk associated with home loans to avoid future defaults.

As a result, credit worthiness is more closely examined. One of the measures of credit worthiness is a FICO score which is a number based on your payment history. The current requirement is 720.

The Purchase Agreement, Letter of Pre-Approval, and good faith deposit are submitted to the lender you chose who will be financing your Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Home loan. They will be reviewing the file, and determining the credit risk as well as evaluating the property you wish to use their money to buy.

The Hurdicale of Appraisal is an important one. The lender will order an Appraisal of the property you wish to buy.

The value will be determined, by comparing similar recent sales, square footage, age and condition of the Kissimmee St cloud Florida Home you have selected. If the value determined is what you have offered or higher you are on the next leg of the race.

Once all the conditions have been met, your credit reviewed, the house inspected, surveyed, and appraised. You and your Realtor® working together, will provide any last minute financial documents the lender may require so you can clear the final hurdicale which is the closing.

St.Cloud Homes & Land, LLC RESULTS!   

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