Florida Foreclosures/Short Sales

The Florida Foreclosure Process

In Florida, a foreclosure is a a legal action.  A borrower signs a note which secures the property.  A note is typically a mortgage.  The deed to a property is held as collateral in case the borrower default on the note and does not repay the loan.  The bank cannot foreclose without first filing a notice of intent or “Lis Pending”  with the court.  Florida is a judicial state, and requires the petitioner and the defendant to both show cause why a property should be foreclosed upon.  If the borrower cannot pay the debt, the Judge will order the Property be Reverted back to the Note holder and the Property then becomes Foreclosed Upon.  This process in Florida can take as much as 414 days from the first missed payment to the time the judge drops the gavel.


” Foreclosed Properties” are properties, which the bank has regained ownership through the courts for non- payment of a debt.  The bank or lender has had a price evaluation performed, and is aware of the current market conditions. 

 The property is classified as “REO” or Real Estate Owned.  The banks  price these properties to achieve a quick sale.  This is can be a  a buyer benefit.


Typically Foreclosed properties (Bank owned properties) have never been seen by the Lender or Investor who now controls them.  Therefore, they know little or nothing about the previous history of the property.  The Property is listed for sale and is offered “As-Is” which means the Seller (Lender or Investor) will make no repairs or warranties.

Some may need some work. Be aware some Foreclosed Homes may need a lot of work.

 If you are looking for a turnkey-move in ready home; a Foreclosure Home may not be the best fit for you.

 If you are looking for a bargain however, a foreclosed home can be a golden opportunity to purchase Real Estate.

And with a little effort and a imagination you can turn into what you want it to be.


If you are a visionary and handy it may be the perfect opportunity to make owning your dream home a reality.

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*Always seek legal advice prior to making a purchase. Title Issues should be reviewed with a Real Estate Attorney. St. Cloud Homes & Land, LLC makes no warranties against problems which can arise now or in the future pertaining to legal matters involving the purchase or ownership of a foreclosed property.

Kissimmee St. Cloud Florida Short Sales

Kissimmee St. Cloud Florida Short Sales are a great alternative to save some money. Patience is required. If you are looking to purchase something quickly, then a short sale may not work for you. If you have time and are willing to work through the channels you will save money.



A Short Sale occurs when a Kissimmee St Cloud Florida  Seller (Home Owner) owes more than the property is currently worth. The lender must agree to take less than is owed against the property to release the lien (which is secured by the mortgage and a deed)

 Typically a hardship has occurred which has made it difficult for the Seller to make mortgage payments. A loss of a job, health issues, divorce or reduction in income are the primary reasons a seller will request a short sale approval from their lender.

Once an offer has been submitted, the seller (property owner) must sign it, the buyer must sign it, it is dated, and submitted to the seller’s lender for approval.  The offer will be reviewed. A Broker Price Opinion will be ordered to validate the value of the property and the to determine if the offer falls within Fair Market Value. From there it will be assigned to a Loss Mitigation Specialist. 

The file is reviewed again, and checked for updated information critical to the decision making process of accepting the loss, or rejecting the offer. Additional conditions could be requested from seller, buyer or both.  If the Short Sale is Approved, a letter of determination will allow the sale to proceed usually within a specific time frame.  Inspections and additional conditions must all be met within that time frame for the sale to move to closing.

St. Cloud Homes & Land, charges no upfront fee for these services.  We are Certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Specialists.  We understand the complex nature of Short Sales, are very experienced in working with distressed sellers and buyers and lenders and have an excellent track record in closing Short Sale Properties.

This process can take time to obtain an Approval understanding the various channel ,departments and review policies which affect the sale help keep you informed of the process and smooth obstacles so a successful closing can be performed.

 If you or someone you know is having trouble making their mortgage payments, it may be possible to request a short sale approval and sell your home. Short Sales are a viable alternative to foreclosure.*

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St.Cloud Homes & Land, LLC is a full service Licensed Real Estate Agency Providing OUTSTANDING customer service and commitment to excellence for its clients. Kissimmee Homes, St Cloud Florida Homes, Kissimmee Vacation Homes, Kissimmee Town Homes, Kissimmee Condos, St Cloud Vacation homes, St Cloud Town Homes, St Cloud fl historic homes, St Cloud Fl condos, all Osceola County Real Estate Properties.

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St.Cloud Homes & Land, LLC
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*Disclaimer: St.Cloud Homes & Land, LLC is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender.  Even if you agree to accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.  If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit