Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Homes: Asking Price vs Selling Price

Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Homes: Asking Price -vs-Selling Price.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is important to know what  current Kissimmee St Cloud Homes have recently sold for.  The market fluctuates daily. Much like the stock market. Value will depend heavily, on what similar homes have recently sold for.  The key word here being recently.  A six month window is sufficient for extrapulating data.

In determining price, similar homes are compared.  Factors include, age, size and condition, and location. Usually homes within a one mile radius are used for comparison purposes.  The number of homes available also is a determining factor. 

Inventory directly affects value. We saw this proven back in 2006 when demand for homes in Kissimmee  & St Cloud Florida exceeded supply, and prices rose at distorted rates leading to the Real Estate Bubble bursting.  Conversely, when the market imploded and the market was flooded by foreclosed homes prices plummeted settling at adjusted values last since in 1992.

Today the absorption rate for existing Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Homes  is 5.2 month supply. Down from nearly a 20 month supply 24 months ago. In other words the market is slowly improving. Not recovering, but improving.

The average list  price was $123,867  The average sale price was $114,508. or $62.90 per square foot. List price -vs- sale price was 97%

 Contracts were brisk, 46-62 Days from listing to contract. But the average days to close was 168 or just over 5 months.  The delay for closing could be two fold:  Loans being originated, and defaulted loans being negotiated as short sales in the Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Home market.

Looking to buy or sell- the more you know the greater leverage you have in this market. 

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