Home Warranties Buyers & Sellers 3 Great Reasons Should Consider

HOME WARRANTIES- WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE ONE? 3 GREAT REASONS – There is a lot of mystique surrounding Home Warranties. Truth is most buyers underestimate their value greatly. At the time you purchase a home; you have 30 days following the purchase to consider adding an additional layer of protection to your home. A Home Warranty.

Important Components are generally covered; including:


Heating & Cooling



A good home inspection will let you know if those components are in proper functioning order; but they in no way, are predictors of future problems entirely.

Anything can happen at anytime…then what?

That is where the added layer of protection a Home Warranty provides comes in.

Most have a reasonable deductible, and will cover all major repairs or replacement of a faulty covered component.

They are comprehensive and offer a clear list of what is covered and have numerous plans available.

They are convenient- most have 800 numbers and you can enroll by phone.


The Three Great Reasons to consider purchasing a Home Warranty for your next home are:

1) Savings (Repairs are expensive-a reasonable deductibles)

2) Peace of mind- if anything goes wrong you can place a service call and they will respond

3) Convenience- at the time of closing you can request information on Home Warranties form you title company or Real Estate agent. There are several good ones available to choose from and the additional insurance they provide is reasonable.


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