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St Cloud Homes, LLC is proud to announce the new Fast Track Home Buyers Program. It is free, simple, and effective.  Buying a home can be a frustrating experience. We have a proven system which will put you on the fast track to home ownership.  Our free comprehensive program plan equips you with the tools you need to close the deal.

Here is how it works.

1)  The first thing you will need is a Pre-Approval Letter from your lender. It is free.  Any loan officer can assist you where you do your banking. They will need to know how much you earn, and how much you owe.  Based on your most recent pay stubs, and credit history, the loan officer will be able to determine if you can qualify for a home loan, and how much home you can afford. Once they have established that, ask them for a Letter of Pre-Approval.

2)  Call our office.  We will put you on the St Cloud Homes. LLC provides the Fast Track to finding the right home which meets your needs and budget. It is fast, simple and free. In just a few minutes we define what you are looking for, how much you can spend and what your needs are. Once we have that we will search for homes which are a match for you.

3) Fine Tuning To the Finish Line- The right home is out there, with our Fast Track program you will have the leading edge on the all the available homes in the St Cloud, Florida area which meet your needs and budget.  It is fast, effective and saves you valuable time.  We will narrow down your selections, set up your showings and prepare your offer, painlessly.

The housing market is heating up, and there is competition- our experts at St Cloud Homes, LLC explain how to make the best offer, what factors influence price, and what the current market conditions are.  So that your offer stands out.

Costs You will Need to Consider:

Down Payment money (can include gift funds)

Home Inspection


Home Owners Insurance

Closing Costs

Repairs and improvements you may want to make after closing.

Our fees are  paid by the seller at closing.

4 Tips FOr Viewing St Cloud/Kissimmee Homes- Know Before You Go

4 TIPS FOR VIEWING HOMES: You Should Know Before You Go

Searching for the perfect St Cloud/Kissimmee Florida Home can be a daunting task. Too often a potential buyer faces the frustration of calling on homes which are already under contract, or do not meet their budget. Working with a trained professional is one way which will streamline the process and make the tranistion from potential home buyer to successful home buyer seamless.

Here are Four Quick Tips to consider when viewing homes that will help you.


#1) NEVER preview a home at dusk or in the dark. Keep in mind in the winter months it gets dark earlier. Schedule your viewing during daylight hours so you can see obvious things both inside and out.


#2) Take a notebook and camera with you. Taking photos and making notes of things you see is very important in determining if the home is want you want and you are prepared to make the necessary repairs.


#3) Do not sign an “As-Is” Purchase Agreement, if you intend to ask for repairs after-the-fact. Knowing in advance what you want to repair/replace yourself will be very helpful in getting estimates before the house closes so you can budget appropriately.


Wondering how to make the most of the Real Estate market in Kissimmee and St Cloud?  If you are like most people, you are very aware that there are some great  buys on homes for sale in the Kissimmee and St Cloud Florida area.  With current mortgage rates at 3.87% and the added benefit of the mortgage interest deduction, still available this is the prime time to be seriously looking.

Are Cheap Houses Really A Good Buy?

No. While the prices may be tempting, cheap houses may not be the bargain you think they are. Factors that need to be considered are:

Cost of Repairs

Cost of Insurance

Age of the home


Cheap homes are often older (sometimes historic) homes.  They may need a lot of work.  A home inspection is a good launching point to determine the age and efficiency as well as functionality of the major components of the home.  A good home inspection can range from $200-400 depending on the size of the home. It is highly recommend you invest in one prior to making a purchase agreement.

Most people under estimate how much the actual repairs will cost.

Foreclosed homes are typically in need of several thousands of dollars of repair work as they have been long neglected and uncared for. 



 Hidden issues such as mold,  termite damage, water intrusion, and wood destroying organisms can be very expensive to eradicate.  Lenders make no warranties as to title or condition of the properties they are selling, therefore it is very important that you do your own “due diligence” and know exactly what you are buying before you sign on the bottom line. 

 Estimates do not include additional problems incurred while renovating.  Allow an additional 20-50% over the estimate for unexpected problems which will need attention and add cost to the job. 


Instead of shopping in the” bargain basement” of the home market, consider rolling in the repair costs and looking at mid-range homes.  Avoiding the “money pit” homes, and instead taking the repair money and applying it to a mid-range home will not only increase the inventory of homes you have to choose from, but the potential for the greatest return on your investment long term.

A cheap house is exactly that. It will not increase in value comparatively to a mid-range range home in dollar for dollar investment. An 800-1000 square foot house is never going to be worth what a 1500-2000 square foot house is.  Regardless of the market conditions.

Mid-range homes are newer, and often located in planned developments. They are larger and have a more favorable resale down the road. They will most often require a lot less work. 

Mid-range homes are usually short sale properties or in some cases traditional sales, where the owners have maintained the homes to a better extent than a foreclosed home which has been vacant. Short sale homes can still be purchased at a discount compared to a traditional sale as the price reflects current market value.


 The market downturn has hit the luxury market hard, making now a great time to capitalize on the larger homes which were once completely unaffordable.  Looking at long term holdings in Real Estate, bigger can be better. Especially for younger families looking to grow over time. If you are financially able, the best buys right now, are in the high end homes. They are much larger, have more upgrades, and location is always a factor in best return on our investment.






Selling Your Kissimmee Area Home-Insider tips from a local Real Estate Broker

 Selling Your Kissimmee Area Home- Insider tips from a local Real Estate Broker
Is your Realtor® inflating your ego by telling you what you want to hear, or what you need to know?  Too often in order to obtain a listing Real Estate Professionals despite what the market analysis reveals, will take an over priced listing to placate a seller.  The result is predictable; the house does not sell.  This is particularly true in my market, where we see homes for sale in Kissimmee, St Cloud Florida all over the place.

Our current housing market is price driven. There are so many properties for sale in Kissimmee and St Cloud Florida including bank owned, and short sales (where the seller owes more than the house is worth) and foreclosure properties (where the bank now owns the property and must liquidate) that traditional sellers face a real quandary. But, a traditional seller (real person) not a bank, or Loan Mitigation Department does have an advantage. 

Banks will hire professionals such as myself to give a Broker’s Price Opinion. This is done by determining the present value, based on location, size, condition and previous recent sales in the neighborhood.

What a home seller thinks their Kissimmee St Cloud Florida home for sale it is worth and what a property will actually sell for are often very different.

The most common question a buyer will ask me is: “How long has it been on the market?”
The time frame to maximize exposure is critically important.  In Real Estate the first 90 days, will attract the most interest in a property.  The longer a home sits on the market, it signals something is generally wrong.  Usually it is the price.

Pricing your Kissimmee St Cloud Florida home too high against others which are comparable, results in helping your neighbor sell their home. Not exactly what you had planned on right?

So here is the inside Scoop

The market changes daily. In declining areas, an over priced home chases the downward market losing prospective buyers each and every day.


Certain price ranges have numerous buyers competing for well priced properties. The lowest priced home will sell fastest. The highest prices ones usually do not.  Realtors do not set the market-they can only analysis it.  Buyers are controlling what sells and for how much with purchases.

Hitting the bulls eye in pricing your Kissimmee St Cloud Fl home will attract numerous buyers, and result in an offer. An offer can result in a sale. Goal Met.

You need a competent Real Estate Professional like myself, who understands the current market conditions, changing times , and can guide you through the process of listing and selling your Kissimmee St Cloud Home quickly.

St.Cloud Homes & Land, LLC is a full service Licensed Real Estate Agency Providing OUTSTANDING customer service and commitment to excellence for its clients. Kissimmee Homes, St Cloud Florida Homes, Kissimmee Vacation Homes, Kissimmee Town Homes, Kissimmee Condos, St Cloud Vacation homes, St Cloud Town Homes, St Cloud fl historic homes, St Cloud Fl condos, all OSceola County Real Estate Properties.

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7 Reasons A Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Home Should be on Your Holiday List

7  Reasons A Kissimmee St Cloud Home Should be on Your Holiday List.

 How about prices.  Homes in St. Cloud are affordable.  Thinking now may be a great time to relocate to Florida and pick up a great deal on a well priced St Cloud or Kissimmee Florida home?  Moderately priced homes for  Buyers,  and investors.

St Cloud Kissimmee  Florida  Buyers are getting a better selectionSearch St Cloud Fl Kissimmee Homes for sale here for free

Mortgage rates– still hovering around 4%

Florida the last time I checked still has great weather, no hurricanes in 5 years. Average temperature in winter, 80 degrees. St Cloud Florida and   Kissimmee Florida vacation homes are still very affordable.


GOLF.  Need I say more?  The real secret here is inexpensive courses are very good in Florida because grass grows very well.

The Kissimmee St Cloud Florida Golf courses are some of the best.

 Beautiful communities like Harmony offer golf enthusiasts championship courses at reasonable prices.




Florida Beaches!!!  There is no place in Florida over 80 miles to a beach, matter of fact all roads lead to an ocean.

 Pick your spot, drive on beaches at Daytona and New Smyrna.

 Island beaches like Captiva and Sanibel, hot spots like South Beach and Ft Lauderdale are nice, but congested. Instead look locally at the beautiful               St Cloud Florida fresh water beach at Lake Toho

 FISHING in Florida – arguably the world’s best fishing mecca. Off shore and fresh water areas provide any angler days of delight. St Cloud Florida is home to Lake Toho, some of the best bass fishing in Central Florida can be found on this magnificent fresh water lake.


Schools- Valencia Community College was just names one of the top Community Colleges in the country and received a $600,000 award. 

Expansion of the Valencia College Osceola Campus in Kissimmee Florida  

and matriculation into the University of Central Florida (also highly ranked nationwide) is attracting many newcomers with college age kids, as well as young adults

  buy a home in St Cloud Florida or

 buy a home in Kissimmee Florida for less than a dorm room will cost.


St.Cloud Homes & Land, LLC is a full service Licensed Real Estate Agency Providing OUTSTANDING customer service and commitment to excellence for its clients. Kissimmee Homes, St Cloud Florida Homes, Kissimmee Vacation Homes, Kissimmee Town Homes, Kissimmee Condos, St Cloud Vacation homes, St Cloud Town Homes, St Cloud fl historic homes, St Cloud Fl condos, all Osceola County Real Estate Properties.

Our Customer call us “ The best in business”, call us 407-545-8002

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