4 Tips FOr Viewing St Cloud/Kissimmee Homes- Know Before You Go

4 TIPS FOR VIEWING HOMES: You Should Know Before You Go

Searching for the perfect St Cloud/Kissimmee Florida Home can be a daunting task. Too often a potential buyer faces the frustration of calling on homes which are already under contract, or do not meet their budget. Working with a trained professional is one way which will streamline the process and make the tranistion from potential home buyer to successful home buyer seamless.

Here are Four Quick Tips to consider when viewing homes that will help you.


#1) NEVER preview a home at dusk or in the dark. Keep in mind in the winter months it gets dark earlier. Schedule your viewing during daylight hours so you can see obvious things both inside and out.


#2) Take a notebook and camera with you. Taking photos and making notes of things you see is very important in determining if the home is want you want and you are prepared to make the necessary repairs.


#3) Do not sign an “As-Is” Purchase Agreement, if you intend to ask for repairs after-the-fact. Knowing in advance what you want to repair/replace yourself will be very helpful in getting estimates before the house closes so you can budget appropriately.