3 Reasons Buying A Home Will Save you Money in 2013

3 Reasons Buying a Home in 2013 will save you money.  You have all heard about the fiscal cliff, tax increases and have wondered how badly will impact you. Depending on how much you earn the answer could be a lot.  Buying a home WILL save you money in 2013 for three simple reasons.

1) Gains in depreciated value. St Cloud Florida homes and Kissimmee Florida Homes for sale, lost between 40-50% of their previous high value when the real estate  market crashed. For Home Buyers looking to capitalize on value, these homes are now very affordably priced.

2) Mortgage Interest Deductions.  Mortgage rates are expected to remain low throughout 2013. However, even under the revised tax increases the Home Mort5gage Interest Loan deduction can put thousands of dollars back into your pocket.  This applies to second homes as well.

3) Property Taxes and Hazard Insurance- also tax deductible. Again, putting thousands of dollars back into your pcoket when you file an itemized return.

For people int he bracket most affected, now may be the time to seriously consider investing into a second home, vacaton home, or rental property.