3 Bedroom 2 bath St Cloud Florida Homes Under $100,000 are the Most Popular…why?

3 Bedroom 2 bath St Cloud Florida Homes under $100,000 are most popular. Contemplating buying a home? You are not alone. Baby Boomers, First time home owners, Pre-Retirement Planners, Vacationers, Empty Nesters, Returning Military Personnel, and second home buyers are all looking for the same thing; 3 bedroom 2 bath homes in St Cloud Florida under $100,000.

Why are 3 bedroom 2 bath Kissimmee St Cloud Florida homes under $100,000 so popular? Perhaps it is generational perception. Modern day families average 2.4 children. A modest 3 bedroom home will fill that need, while still being economical. For first time home owners, a 3 bedroom 2 bath St Cloud Florida home, will provide adequate space, and the family is less likely to outgrow it as quickly.

Cheaper to Maintain: 3 bedroom 2 bath St Cloud Florida homes, cost less in property taxes. Heating and cooling them is less expensive. Property Insurance (a big issue in Florida) is also less based on current replacement costs.


In the days of “bigger is better” before the mortgage mess, mega homes were all the rage. It did not take long to figure out that the Property Taxes, CDD fees, HOA Fees, Insurance, and operating costs were prohibitive. Compared to the median income in Central Florida which is $40,100. As a result, when you added in the adjustable rate mortgages which were resetting, these homes rapidly became unaffordable and fell first in the foreclosure crisis. Bigger was not better…just more expensive overall.

Vacationers, First time home buyers, returning Military Personnel, Empty Nesters, and Baby Boomers are now shifting their St Cloud Kissimmee Florida home buying needs to the more affordable and practical 3 bedroom 2 bath models. As a result demand for these homes has significantly increased. Investors have also been focusing on 3 bedroom 2 bath homes as well as they seem to fit the demographic of renters looking for alternatives to apartment housing.

Sales of existing homes in St Cloud Florida show the average 3 bedroom 2 bath home sold for $121,000 in the last quarter of 2011. Downward pressure from distress sales such as Short Sales, and Foreclosures have suppressed the market achieving only a 6% gain in price over previous years. In part due to the moratorium and bank scrutiny of foreclosure practices wihch halted release of additional foreclosed properties temporarily. With most of those issues now sidelined, the return of foreclosed homes to the market, will continue to apply pressure to the housing market prices, but not to pent up consumer demand for well priced affordable housing.

As disposable income continues to decline due to high fuel costs which are at historic high levels and rising; the cost of virtually everything will be impacted. This will leave consumers balancing their home budgets much more carefully. As a result the demand for economical low cost housing will continue to rise proportionately.

Back in the day when modest means meant you could still afford a home; the same is true now. Thus, the popularity of 3 bedroom 2 bath St Cloud Florida homes remains high.