Buying a St Cloud Florida Home “As-Is” Means No Repairs

“As-Is” Means Just That–Put Away Your Punch List. Homes In my area, Homes in St. Cloud Florida are selling. In fact sales are up over 6% from this period last year. The shift to a Seller’s Market, has left some buyers a bit confused. When Homes in Kissimmee/St Cloud are offered “As-Is”, that basically means that what you see is what you get, and yes, you still can have a home inspection performed to verify things which are not blatantly obvious.

We recommend that buyers ALWAYS have a home inpection performed. Making an offer on an “As-Is” property, means that the seller is unwilling or unable to make repairs you may deem desirable. Signing an “As-Is” Purchase Agreement, means you can not backtrack later on and present a punch-list to the seller before you close. On a standard Real Estate Purchase Agreement, you may have this option, but an “As-Is” Purchase Agreement, permits a home inspection and financing contingency, but eliminated the repair clause.

Ā “The buyer would like new siding and a new garage door” said the Buyers Agent. “That’s nice” the seller agent responds. “Well, what is your seller going to do about it?” “Nothing” Said the buyers agent. “According to the “As-Is” Purchase Agreement your client signed, repairs are not the burden of the seller.” “Well, what if the financing falls through? What then?” “The Property was priced to reflect the repairs needed, and within the scope of comparable properties which have sold recently of similar, age, condition, size and location”.

One cannot change the terms and conditions if the sale after the fact, nor can one, re-define the “As-Is” Purchase Agreement after-the-fact. Once signed it is a binding agreement. Unless, the home inspection reveals unsatisfactory results or financing is declined you are bound by that agreement. Homes do not have to be perfect to sell. Infact, many have flaws, and are in need of some basic things. If you are planning on purchasing a Home in Kissimmee/St Cloud that is listed “As-Is” put away your punch list until after you close.